MYOB and Moving to on-line

Last month I attended the MYOB Partner Connect conference. You may have noticed this month the new logo and colours MYOB are now using. The focus on the conference was moving clients to online software and the exciting features these products offer both to businesses and bookkeepers or partners. There was a lot of excitement with new & improved features for data entry and reporting which has been released and future releases in 2017. There will even be comparison reporting for previous years before rolling over to a new financial year. No more waiting until the accountant has finalised the previous year's financials and creating fiddly excel spreadsheets!

Many were impressed with the improvements made to overseas transactions in MYOB. I personally don't have clients using this feature but it must have been a large inconvenience with a number of transactions being required and changes made to existing ones to meet the end result.

Bank feeds was another topic emphasised. Did you know MYOB's accounting software is linked to your bank account to receive each line on your bank statement rather than taking a snapshot of the bank transactions like many other accounting software packages? Have you ever had a transaction which has appeared without a digit within your bank feed and you have to go to your bank statement or log in to the bank to see what the amount should have been?

Moving along.... I was really keen to see how "add ons" could assist making MYOB really great. There were a number of businesses there to talk to it was great to see how I, as a bookkeeper, can help my clients with further reporting, one-touch payroll integration and providing up to date legal payroll information on awards and individual situations.

I am keen to move onto live MYOB products and having accounts payable invoices emailed directly to my MYOB file and have the program read what is on them to create the bills all ready to match up with the bank feeds. How easy does that sound?


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