Who do we serve?

  • Small to medium sized businesses

  • Sole traders

  • Medical professionals and associated Practices


Common frustrations expressed by clients?

  • Not enough time to complete the paperwork

  • Getting the BAS lodged on time

  • Getting the paperwork or file to the accountant in time

  • Not understanding the reports: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet

  • What is the superannuation clearing house?

  • Accountant isn’t checking the file when lodging the BAS

  • I think I am paying too much GST

  • How do I know if I can afford to buy new assets to run my business

  • I am paying my accountant too much.


How do we help to overcome those frustrations?

  • I will sit down and explain the reports and the financial situation of the business

  • Perform an audit of the accounting software used to make sure the correct GST codes are set up

  • Take the stress out of getting the BAS lodged on time by completing this task via BAS Agent Portal

  • Provide information on the superannuation clearing house and set up to meet ATO’s requirements

  • Create and update budgets, cash flow analysis, forecasts

  • Face to face or remotely

  • No need to employ an extra staff member when we can come in when required to complete the tasks

  • Reduce accountants fees as we are less expensive and ensure our work is as accurate as possible

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