About - Us

Hi, I'm Susie Jeude, founder of SJ's BAS.  Thank you so much for visiting our website.


I have been a bookkeeper for over 10 years and I became a registered BAS Agent in 2013. After completing Year 12 in Toowoomba, Queensland I attended business college where I graduated with a Diploma of Business. I spent the next six (6) years working in accounts and office management positions.  Most recently, as part of my BAS Agent registration, I completed a Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and a Certificate III in Business (Administration).

I am passionate about bookkeeping and my mission is to help business owners succeed and grow their businesses whilst also maintaining the balance around family life for both myself and my clients.  


Being a bookkeeper allows me the flexibility to work around my family and achieve a successful career which I have worked hard to build.  In meeting the needs of my clients I am able to achieve my work with a combination of time in the workplace of the client (on-site) and also off-site services via remote access.


2016 has been a big year of growth for SJ's BAS.  I engaged my first employee for the business due to an increase in clients.  We also opened our first official office for SJ's BAS which is based in Dalby.  When not on-site with clients my team work from these premises to achieve the needs of our clients.


I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a diverse range of businesses which has exposed me to a number of different industries and we pride ourselves on our ability to delivery quality services regardless of your business or industry.

I am also a proud and happy mum to four (4) beautiful children and my family and I live in Dalby, Queensland.  We also run a very successful family farm, specialising in cropping, and we value the rural lifestyle that this allows us to live.

Susie Jeude - Founder of SJ's BAS
Susie Jeude

About - Our Clients

Who do we serve?

  • Small to medium sized businesses

  • Sole traders

  • Medical Professionals and associated Practices


What are common frustrations expressed by clients?

  • Not enough time to complete the paperwork

  • Getting the BAS lodged on time

  • Getting the paperwork or file to the accountant in time

  • Not understanding the reports: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet

  • What is the superannuation clearing house?

  • Accountant isn’t checking the file when lodging the BAS

  • I think I am paying too much GST

  • How do I know if I can afford to buy new assets to run my business

  • I am paying my accountant too much.


How do we help to overcome those frustrations?

  • I will sit down and explain the reports and the financial situation of the business

  • Perform an audit of the accounting software used to make sure the correct GST codes are set up

  • Take the stress out of getting the BAS lodged on time by completing this task via BAS Agent Portal

  • Provide information on the superannuation clearing house and set up to meet ATO’s requirements

  • Create and update budgets, cash flow analysis, forecasts

  • Face to face or remotely

  • No need to employ an extra staff member when we can come in when required to complete the tasks

  • Reduce accountants fees as we are less expensive and ensure our work is as accurate as possible

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